Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Bad painting day & good kitty named George

George the cat, a photo

Today I painted a black cat named George...  Had you visited this blog earlier, you would have seen the painting.  I thought it was ok...  I had accidentally splashed water on it and had to fix it and the photo of it was less than stellar.  Anyway, I took myself shopping to shake off the experience.  When I came back I realized the painting was a complete fail and it had to go.  George however stays.  He would be a great companion.   He waits for adoption at the Cleveland Animal Protective League. Should you be interested in adopting him, here's a link to his info on the APL website.


  1. Question. Was it a fail because you couldn't restore it to your satisfaction or was it that it just wasn't going the way you'd envisioned from the beginning.
    I've got one on my easel now that i'm investing a lot of time into but I'm getting a "Meh!" vibe from.

    Anyway, Onward!

  2. I did "restore/fix" after water accident. But even at that point, the bigger issue loomed: It had already failed to capture the spirit I intended, miserably. Best to move on, next! Good luck with what's on your easel, Chris!! Work through the "meh!"

  3. Thanks for the story, George is a cutie!


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