Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Brooding Coco when U R a stranger 2 your cat

Brooding Coco  Oil on wood  8" x 8"  SOLD  Prints available here.
Sometimes Coco acts like I'm a stranger to him.  He plays (enthusiastically with husband) and when I enter the room he panics.  He hides!!  I don't get it.  Coco has known husband for 7 years but I have been his primary caretaker for 13.  Husband is merciless and tells me "He just needs to get used to you."   Mmph. Yes, this is an issue I ponder.  :)


  1. Beautiful work. Coco wants you to carry a treat of aTemptation or two in your pocket all the time. It was the way I have won over one of my cats.

  2. wow, love those value changes in the fur as it comes around the chest/shadowed side of his face vs. the moon....subtle/strong - so cool (I hope that makes sense...but to see the artistry behind these very cool images, well, it's just beautiful!! Gives him a lot of dimension!

  3. This is stunning. I knew the red sold sign would be there before I saw it..
    As for the bond between your husband and coco...sounds like a guy thing lol

  4. He's just messin with ya. You really out did yourself here.


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