Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Brooding Black Cat

Brooding Black Cat  Oil on wood  8" x 8"  SOLD
Few cats inspire more drama and intrigue than a black cat...  At one time they were worshiped in Egypt. During the middle ages, they were feared as the "ilk" of witches.  But in England and Asia they are considered a lucky omen.


  1. He's just beautiful and your background is the perfect foil. It's hard to understand why the shelters are so full of black cats.

  2. Any cat feels like it is special. Agree that your background works so well to bring it all together. You have such mastery of your paintings. I do love your work.

  3. Love those subtle shifts in value to explain his structure. Those yellow eyes are wonderful

  4. My Misha looks like this accept she is missing an eye. This one is definitely brooding.


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