Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Fellow & Cat Art Show 2: The Sequel

The Fellow  Oil on wood  12" x 12"  Reserved for Cat Art Show 2:  The Sequel  Prints available here.
You may have heard me mention that I miss floral still life painting on occasion.  So many muses inspire and time is limited... But "The Fellow" combines two of my favorites and I am really happy with it.  "The Fellow" is reserved for Cat Art Show 2:  The Sequel.


  1. What a luscious kitty, Diane. And I love your statement, "So many muses inspire". Ah, so true.

  2. Love the feeling that you've captured here--Spy Kitteh in action! :) So warm and fresh! :) Congrats on the upcoming Cat Art Show feature!

  3. Outstanding . We go from luscious translucency to luscious translucency
    ( /cat eye/ flower /orange) in an never ending loop . The contract in the background constantly refreshes one's view . Great!


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