Friday, August 1, 2014

Punim pet cat portrait painting commission

Punim  Oil on wood 8" x 8"  Private Collection
Pet portraits:  Catching a good likeness, making an overall satisfying "picture," then waiting for approval from buyer--  a leetle stressful.  Not complaining, just sayin'.  When my desktop computer was down, I was limited to a laptop--(more stressful!)  which is where the photo of this portrait was cropped.  Couldn't color correct (too yellow!) without photoshop but--  ultimately buyer was happy, so me happy.  Stress, all gone. The painting will be presented to the daughter of my buyer, Punim's human.


  1. Hi Diane! What a fantastic composition! There's a moment captured here. Indigo x

  2. You made me laugh and I thank you for that.
    The painting is wonderful as all of them are. I think you could do them in your sleep as they seems to be so consistently at a high level of painting expertise.

  3. Indeed, I don't think you have to worry about clients being happy! ...but because you do, you go the extra mile. Great painting!

  4. No matter what your subject is, your backgrounds are so fabulous! And somehow you keep the balance right so you see the subject and yet the wonderful backgrounds show without being prominent. I love your work.


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