Thursday, July 3, 2014

Dapper Dan black & white cat from Cleveland APL

Dapper Dan  Oil on wood  8" x 6"  SOLD
He looks like a "Dapper Dan."  Can't resist posting a photo of this kitteh in all his bushy tailed (and pawed!) splendor.  I think he'd be most himself in a home that features golden silk brocade wall treatments...  but any home would do, really.  He waits for adoption at the Cleveland Animal Protective League.


  1. I am in awe of your cat paintings - I've tried to do fur and just can't get it - with yours, you feel like you could just reach out and pet him!

  2. Love your cat paintings! So very beautiful!

  3. What a handsome devil! And what dignity... Your use of different tones of his white fur is amazingly

  4. I just love this painting! I am continually blown away, both by the skillful way you capture cats in oil, and by your ability to visit them at the shelter and help them find homes without having adopted 200 of them yourself.


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