Sunday, June 29, 2014

Muse black cat fish floral pattern painting

Muse  Oil on wood  11" x 14"  SOLD
Sometimes other people's art sneaks into your brain cells and shows up later in your own work.  Call me "chagrined."   It happened to me with this painting.  See this by wonderfully talented Sarah Stringhetta.  I pinned the image ages ago then promptly forgot about it until I sat down to write this blog post.  I think I put enough of my own spin on it to make it my own, but clearly, Sarah's art was the inspiration.


  1. Yes!!! Looks awesome and you definitely put your own spin on it! Love it!

  2. This is one of my all-time fave paintings of yours, Diane! In fact, my eye was so busy with the cat and the awesome floral pattern I didn't notice "muse" for a bit, and I can't believe I missed it straight away now that I picked it up! :) Way to go, Diane, love it as always! xo

  3. I think they are very different. I love the patterns in this--those fish along the bottom. That's a common cat pose too. I'd say you own this!

  4. None of us lives, works, or creates in a vacuum. I could show you fine art paintings that are clear copies of the work of others that I just stumbled upon that had no clear attribution or designation that this was in fact a copy of someone else's work, and this painting I'm thinking of hangs in a gallery as though it was the original work of the artist. Yours doesn't even come close. Influence and inspiration are not the same as copying. I think one day I might just put those examples up on my blog, not to shame anyone, but so that people can see clearly how close is too close, for their own benefit.

    Another beauty BTW. And I missed the word at first as well.

  5. I love it and feel it is original enough to call your own! Inspiration is a wonderful thing and I hope you are long since over your chagrin. I wish I was at a place in my life where I could collect several of your whimsical and delightful cats. Joyous painting!


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