Sunday, April 27, 2014

Mums on Magenta floral still life painting

Mums on Magenta  Oil on wood  8" x 8"  SOLD
I have a simmering and exhaustive mental list of "things I want to do in my paintings."  The list has just as many "stop doing" items as those things I want to do more of...  Stop being so reliant on photo reference, quit over blending and use warmer colors.  (and that-there is the tip of the iceberg.)  But I feel like I made some progress here.  Though the photograph is not so great, I am happy with "Mums on Magenta." (It's better in life.)


  1. This little masterpiece grabbed my soul. It is simply beautiful.

  2. The progress I see here is the flowers are as masterfully done as the vase and fruit. It rings from strength to strength. The reflection of the plate and table in the bottom of the vase is killing me . The light generally is wonderful. Bravo. Better in life? Wow, you are approaching old master territory

  3. Very nice Diane! I little different from your normal palette but it really worked well! Love it!

  4. The warmer pallete and luminous mums against the subtle background have me drooling. You are a master.


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