Sunday, March 23, 2014

Daffodils on Dots Jennifer Lopez & American Idol

Daffodils on Dots  Oil on wood  8" x 8"  Prints available here.  
While commending American Idol hopefuls on their performances, I heard Jennifer Lopez use the phrase:  "That's right in your wheelhouse, Baby." According to the Urban Dictionary a wheelhouse is an "area of expertise, a particular skill"  Gotta love it...  My husband and anyone watching my bottom line would tell you my wheelhouse is cat paintings...  But I still like to fit in the occasional floral still life.


  1. Anything you wanna paint is right in your "wheelhouse," Diane! :) I, personally, love to see your florals pop up amongst the cats. We can smell the spring in this one! xoxo

  2. This is particularly well done . Everything is strong . It behooves every artist to step from their wheel house now and even makes for better wheel house paintings ! lol

  3. Cat paintings may be your wheelhouse, but let me assure you, your work magic with florals too! These daffodils are stunning. I find yellow flowers to be one of the most challenging things to paint. You've nailed these!

  4. Love this!!! The yellow and greens are beautiful together!

  5. How did I miss this one? It is so beautiful, Diane.
    Your wheelhouse is painting....anything. I feel your pleasure in everything you paint. There is always that touch of magic.
    I watch Idol too.


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