Friday, January 24, 2014

Hunter by Hoeptner 101/exhibit Cat Art Show LA

The Hunter  Oil on wood  16" x 20"  Available at Cat Art Show LA
It's a big show!  ...and I am excited to be included!  "The Hunter" will be on exhibit at 101/exhibit during Cat Art Show LA from Jan 25- Feb 2nd.  Exhibit hours are as follows:  Sat, Jan 25th:7-10pm, Sun, Jan 26th:12-5pm,  Sat, Feb 1st:12-5pm Sunday, Feb 2nd: 12-5pm.  
The exhibit is getting phenomenal press:
Previews of select available paintings were released on the popular blog, "I Have Cat."  I will have two paintings at Cat Art Show LA, the one above and "King" which was included in the "I Have Cat" preview, see that here.  


  1. I finally feel like I can call myself an artist or painter, but I still aspire to be able to represent cats with the confidence and beauty of your work. I'm practicing, I promise. Meanwhile, I can enjoy all of your work. I especially love the pattern crowded into the background here, sort of echoing this tabby's fur. An intimate and exciting image. Congratulations on its inclusion in the Cat Art Show (something else to aspire to!)

  2. Thanks so much for the shout out! Wish I could have there today!

  3. So wonderful. Your work is gorgeous.

  4. Fabulous! I love the dark mood of this one. I'm just getting caught up on your postings. Congratulations on all your achievements! Recognition well deserved

  5. Good luck with the show, how exciting! I love this piece. That directed stare and how the eye colour is bright against the subdued palette...beautiful.

  6. Congrats and all the best and great sales.


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