Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Mila  Oil on wood  10" x 10"  SOLD
Oh how the cuteness kills!  This cat is a Scottish Fold named Mila. The painting was another Christmas commission. The buyer sent several photos for reference.  It was hard to choose just one! (The cat is unbelievably photogenic.) But I found a favorite to paint from.  
Especially fantastic, the day after Christmas she sent me a picture of her lovely daughter opening the portrait painting.  :)  That was wonderful.

Buyer also sent this shot of Mila.  It's nice when people have a sense of humor. :) 


  1. So cute! You've painted the eyes so expressive, wonderful

  2. You're right about the cuteness! What a wonderful job you did of capturing this cutie pie! Love the colors as always! Joan

  3. As mother of the recipient, I can tell you she was THRILLED to receive this as a gift. You did a SUPER job, Diane. Thank you so very, very much! LB

  4. Thank you Lynn and Joan!! Anon: Glad she was happy with it and very grateful to you, thank you.


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