Sunday, January 5, 2014

Baby+ Tip for Shipping Fragile Paintings

"Baby"  Oil on wood  10" x 10"  SOLD
This painting was commissioned before Christmas.  My buyer needed it shipped (from Ohio) to the Canadian Arctic and he asked that I use a wood crate.  I assured him that I would double box it and use triple-ply cardboard, but he wouldn't budge. The post office had been less than careful with previous packages.  
A local company here specializes in making custom crates for shipping art.  But they wanted $73 for a 14x14x4 crate which I thought was a leettle pricey...  The shipping alone was gonna cost him a small fortune.  After a bit of shopping around, I discovered this gem on Ebay.  It's a wine crate!!
And it had almost the exact dimensions I needed.  I wasn't sure if the bottle inserts on the inside of the box would slide out, but they did.  The painting made it to the buyer safely.  He gave it to his wife and also purchased a print of the painting for his daughter.  I love my job.
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  1. Great story, Diane! Love the painting, too!

  2. Congratulations on your commission and print sale of baby! Happy New Year to you and thanks for the tip!

  3. For 18 Years…

    Born In A Cupboard Cold And Dark
    But We Knew You Would Make Your Mark

    Without A Doubt the Runt Of The Litter
    But Oh So Bright Did Your Eyes They Glitter

    For 18 Years You Really Were Such A Fart
    For 18 Years Oh So Well You Played Your Part
    For 18 Years Your Only Fear, Was That Your Food Bowl Was Always Near
    For 18 Years Garbage Bags Did You Test
    For 18 Years You Were A Pest
    For 18 Years You Were The Best
    For 18 Years Baby Or Fartus Was Your Name
    For 18 Years You Really Were So Game
    For 18 Years We Loved You So, How We Hate To See You Go
    For 18 Years We Loved You Best, Now It Is Time We Help You Rest
    For 18 Years You Knew No Fears, Now It Is Us Who Shed The Tears

    So Now We Think on What Is Right
    As We Search For the Might
    To Help You Go Find The Light

    Thank You For The Life You Lived
    A Better Teus Has Never Lived
    As the fellow that commissioned this work from Diane... I cannot recommend Diane enough. From one end of the process to the other, a thorough professional. Cordial and speedy communications... first rate packaging to a product that speaks for itself. Her work so well captured her outlook on life of... "look out world... here I come".

    Baby was truly loved and will be missed for the rest of our lives... thanks to Diane's work... she lives still!

    Rick Kelly... a very grateful Canadian customer.

    PS... a "teus" is the name used for cats in an very old science fiction series that I am a fan of. We still call our cats a"teus" (plural = teuses) to this day.

  4. Beautiful kitty! and thanks too for sharing the shipping tips- great solution to the problem!

  5. Mr. Kelly's poem made me cry, what a touching tribute. How sweet that you could help keep Baby (or Fartus) spirit alive for this family, Diane, gorgeous painting as always...and creatively packaged! :) This "teus" has the knowing look of so many cats, seems to say, "I am your leader."

  6. What a great idea! Now I suppose all the wooden boxes are 'taken' on eBay..ha! Love this new kitty - the attitude looks like one of my new kittens when I paint and don't pay attention to HER.

  7. Love the painting icon if one thinks of the word's translation " A window to heaven" Baby is looking out of the painting!

    The shipping solution is genius

  8. This is such a beautiful tribute to baby. Beautifully done. I have successfully packaged paintings for Europe by using 1/2 blue hard foam insulation cut to size. I put a piece under and on top of each work and tape it in place. I then use cut pieces on the sides of the box. Works like a charm too! But I think it takes a lot more time then getting a lovely wine box like you used.

  9. What a nice box! And it's certainly a lot simpler than making it yourself.

    The painting is wonderful, Diane. It's easy to see why your collector is so pleased! That is one good-looking cat with obvious personality.

  10. Necessity is indeed the mother of invention! Way to surpass your customer's expectations, Diane! (and...Baby is adorable!)

  11. Isn't this a beautiful cat. Love it. Great advice on the wood crate.

  12. I really love this painting. The buyer is smart, and lucky! If you are ever interested in a trade, think of me....

  13. Beautiful painting and awesome advise!

  14. For anyone interested... here is the photo that Diane worked from. The painting does Baby more justice then the photo does.

  15. Thank you all for commenting. Rick Kelly-you were a joy to work with and your poem made me cry!! A job like painting "Baby" makes me thank my lucky stars for what I do.
    Sarah, I love your work, don't be surprised if I take you up on the offer of a trade!


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