Thursday, September 19, 2013

Daisy oil painting of cutest Facebook puppy

Daisy  Oil on wood  10" x 8" NFS
There's been research on whether Facebook is beneficial to mental health.  Studies seem to indicate that if you comment and interact, it's the bee's knees.  But if you tend to lurk, not so much.   I go back and forth between the two but I definitely tend to be a lurker...  The photo reference for this painting was shot by my FB friend photographer, artist, and veterinarian Andy Mathis.  can't.resist.the.cute    Thanks, Andy!!


  1. Sooooooo cute! You have outdone yourself on this one! Love the pink tied into the background. Wonderful!!!

  2. This just made me smile sooo much! Adorable and a great composition!

  3. love this. he's so soft looking. like the fb info too.

  4. Beautiful work, Diane! He's adorable...


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