Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Farm Horse oil painting by Diane Hoeptner

Farm Horse  Oil on wood  8" x 10"  NFS
I am almost delusional enough to believe that this morning's Robert Genn letter was written just for me.  LOL.  I fear I may have become what he called "beguiled by (my) own previously proven capabilities"--by including patterns in recent horse paintings.  Patterns worked really well with my cat paintings...  but cats live inside so they weren't much of a stretch...  I still like patterns, but today I heeded Robert's words and put this horse "in context."


  1. Hmmm, I wouldn't overthink it. Art is constrained by rules. Just paint x

  2. I concur with I. Roth ...this is well done of course . But is it as interesting as your ones with a pattern? One must paint what they really want to paint . One's passion is the painting .

    And let me just say horses are tough to do. Artists have bemoaned the difficulties though out the ages . Horse art is real test of abilities and stamina . In short: You are doing fine

  3. Diane...maybe the inside of that barn is really nice! I like all the work.

  4. Indigo, I do have a tendency to over think. Thanks, Anne. Chris, yes that will explain it whenever I pick up the patterns+horse thread again!! "Just paint" is good advice (thanks, Indigo!!)


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