Friday, March 8, 2013

Posting an accurate photo is important.

Oy, the one on the right is accurate.

Not that much of a difference here, but still...
Every once in a while I post a bad photo of painting.  It might be too dark, too light or blurry...or maybe I make a minor color tweak in photoshop and end up changing more than I realize.   When I re-photographed the White Lilies painting above, I was shocked to discover just HOW bad the first photo was. Here is a pair of re-photographed paintings.  The ones on the left are what I posted (oh the horror) and the ones on the right are what the paintings actually look like.  These bigger (16" x 16") paintings don't fit in my photo tent, it's probably time for a bigger tent. 


  1. Wonderful work! I wondered by looking for some inspiration :)


  2. Do you ever use one of those white balance cards?


  3. Randall, no. Although, there's a "white balance" setting on my camera-- Perhaps I should investigate that.

  4. Diane I absolutely love your backgrounds. Where do you find your references. They remind me of fabric patterns?

  5. I have similar issues. I would like to have a dedicated area for taking photos but I don't have the room or the proper lighting to get the best photos. I am taking my photos right on my studio easel under my painting lights. Unfortunately, they sometimes tend to brighten up when I photograph them.

    I have a friend who does a great job photographing artwork and does it all the time for the gallery he works for but at $25 a pop, I usually can't afford to hire him for anything but my largest/most significant work. I'd love to see the "tent" you use. I'd like to try that idea.

    By the way, the work is beautiful in both versions!

  6. Beautiful work as always. Thanks for the photo comparisons. It's difficult...

  7. Sounds so familiar...and I think your differences are so subtle, but it makes a big difference if you are on the receiving end of the painting - it would for me. Also think it depends on the time of the day in the north light window for me and the amount of snow out there, too. I photograph without flash, always. I have to push myself to really see what I meant to portray - hoping it is the VERY image that I see on the easel.

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