Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Arrival painting of horse rider cows barn country

Arrival  Oil on wood  24" x 18"  SOLD
Very happy with this one.  It's a commission-- and (lucky me) it has a horse in it!  I've been wanting to paint horses forever!  The rider is mom to my buyer and the painting will be presented to her on Mother's Day.  Sweet, right?
A few notes:  My "relationship status" with the fan brush has gone from "it's complicated" to "committed." I've ruined some paintings with the fan brush.  Important details were over blended and lost.  I almost swore them off for good.  But for some reason maybe the larger dimensions of this painting  --  I got exactly the effect I wanted.  I used it on the horse fur and barn siding.  Moderation is key with that brush, me thinks. 


  1. BEAUTIFUL painting, Diane! The "mother" is going to love this!

  2. Hey Diane! I absolutely love this one. An dyes, the fan brush on the barn wall gave it a grainy feel, almost like film stock. Nicely done Indigo x

  3. Wow! Amazing. This has the same intimate qualities as your cats - just bigger! You should paint more horses!!! I love it.

  4. Wow

    The view from behind puts one in the picture with Mom...her face is handled in the

    My "relationship status" with the fan brush has gone from "it's complicated" to "committed."

    very funny lol

    The fan brush is pretty great. But it does need the scope that these bigger paintings give it

  5. Longtime fan of your lovely cats but there's something really special about this. Have to agree that horses should be in your future! After seeing this I might even try the beguiling fan brush again in a larger painting. Because frankly am not a fan of the fan...Ahh brush humor...Cheers from the Rockies!

  6. This is stunning, Diane! Love the "wise" look of the horse. No doubt there will be a very touched (and tearful) mama on the receiving end of this painting. What a thoughtful gift. :)

  7. Diane,
    This is a wonderful painting! You captured the sense of freedom and camaraderie that occurs when riding a horse, well done.

    And your comment about fan brushes, so true! Moderation or else your painting becomes a soft blur of everything...


  8. Everything about this painting is fantastic, the horse is spectacular! And how nice to read that it'll be a gift, which makes this commission even more special. I know they will cherish it forever.

  9. You should be SO happy with this painting, Diane. I love it...At first glance I thought it was a photo...not sure if that's a good thing to say to an Artist but it is fantastic!!!! and although I love the cats you paint, I hope to see more horses!!

  10. You are such a pro with animals... apparently any animal! Always love your birds, cats and dogs and now, a horse. Gorgeous! Such a wonderful gift.

  11. a wonderful painting! great composition. your buyer's mom will be thrilled. i just started using a mop brush in place of the fan brush in certain areas on animals. instead of dragging paint it smooths it out.


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