Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hoeptner Year in Review plus Molly the Beagle

"Molly" Oil on wood, 8" x 6" SOLD --a Christmas commission
Greetings from Cleveland.  I hope the New Year finds you and yours healthy and happy.  I've managed to stay out of my studio for two weeks doing marketing and tweaking my "online presence" -the kind of stuff I generally procrastinate.  Can't wait to paint in 2013.  But let's wrap up 2012 right quick.  Numbers first:  I had wanted to do at least (20) large(r) dimension paintings this year.  I did 25.  In 2011, a total 129 paintings were made, this year, 127. 

The high points of the year were things I didn't anticipate or plan. Modern Cat Magazine did a feature about my cat paintings in their premier issue.  Four of my floral still life paintings were used on sympathy cards and my first royalty check arrived soon after.  Sweet.  An intrepid collector commissioned me to do a 36x24 figurative painting.  Wanna do more figurative painting! (Will post the completed commission this month.) Especially fantastic:  Edward Montgomery Fine Art started exhibiting my work and Galerie Kornye West invited me to participate in a group show.  Terry Lindsey sold my paintings at her wonderful seasonal Equidae gallery. My desire to paint new subject matter (horses!) and bigger more challenging compositions persists. 2012 presented some amazing opportunities and for that I am very grateful. Thank you Edward, Paula and Lindsey!

An ebook is in the works.  It will be a condensed and improved version of my Mull it Over Monday posts with an emphasis on helping introverted artists succeed.  More on that when it gets published.  Finally, I've acquired a printer that makes archival quality prints on watercolor paper.  Prints of popular paintings and will be made available in 2013.

Thank you dear reader and fellow art bloggers for taking the time to visit my art blog, comment and for accepting my posts in your email.  A special thanks to those of you who added to your collection or acquired your first Diane Hoeptner painting.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 

  • Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans. John Lennon


  1. Congratulations on having such a *rockin* 2012! I hope 2013 is just as fun and exciting for you!


  2. Wow, you had quite a year! Congratulations on all your success. I know a lot of hard work went into making it all happen.:) Molly is adorable and looks soft enough to pet.:)

  3. I'm very excited for you and your successful 2012! I can see its going to be a heck of a year for you in 2013!! Molly is amazing, Diane...you can almost feel the softness of her fur!!

  4. Wow what a great year you've had, Diane! Congrats on it all.

    I love the beagle painting. Those eyes are irresistible.

    Wishing you and yours a blessed 2013 and happy painting!

  5. Congratulations on your outstanding year!
    This sweet pup is just so adorable, you must have fallen in love while painting it. Awesome job!!

  6. Congrats on a successful 2012 and here's to many, many more! I'm especially excited about your upcoming prints! Look forward to having some Diane art hanging out in my house! xoxo-Loren

  7. Diane, I just love this painting.

  8. Hi Diane - Just wanted to say thanks for the kind comment on my blog today. :) I love your work - especially your luscious patterns - they stay with me and I look forward to every new one! I really like your style. I aspire. :)


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