Thursday, January 31, 2013

A little update and a picture of my nephews

My nephews and me at the
rollerskating rink last weekend.
I had mentioned posting my "big commission" by the end of this month in my Yearly Wrap Up...  Well, I actually finished it today.  Unfortunatley, it's still wet--and nearly impossible to photograph correctly. 
More about that and a picture of the painting soon. 

In other news, my sister and I had fun rollerskating with my nephews last weekend.  I've included a picture of me and the bee's knees for your entertainment. 


  1. Hey Diane! Lovely picture of you and the young scamps! I see one of them has the gorgeous family hair! Ginger ninja! Indigo x

  2. Nice to see what goes on in your life. Hard not to love these two intelligent and fun looking nephews. Bet they keep everyone on their toes.
    can't wait to see the commissioned painting.


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