Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sunflower paintings WIP colorful floral

This is a pair of 21 x 7 paintings in progress.  I'm afraid after this shot was taken, I may have bungled them.  I painted the saturated turquoise areas a weird yellow/gray/green and wasn't happy with the results.  I didn't anticipate liking the turquoise tone so much. The offensive color has been wiped and I'll attempt to salvage the paintings tomorrow.   In other news, my sister and I threw a surprise birthday party for our dear mom on Sunday.  Many wonderful friends and family members made the long drive out to the Grand River Cellars Winery in Madison, OH for the event.  Much fun was had.  But today is her actual birth date (70th!) Happy Birthday, Mom!!!!


  1. Beautiful, Diane! I hope they're still as amazing once they're tidied up. For what its worth, I love this colour! Indigo =)

  2. I like it, Diane! Wonderful paintings...and Happy Birthday to your Mom!!!


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