Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Magenta Blooms big colorful floral WIP paintings

Magenta Blooms  works in progress, each 21" x 7"
Trying to go for a looser more painterly application with these zinnias.  Liking 'em so far.  
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  1. This is beautifully painted, Diane...Zinnias was one of my Mom's favorite flowers so I like this even more!! Look forward to this WIP.

  2. I love the larger paintings and the beautiful colors. You have so successfully combined your florals with your love for patterns. What fun to see your work evolve!!

    My husband and I spent a week in Carmel in October, and had the absolute pleasure of seeing your work up close at the Edward Montgomery gallery. We had a nice visit with Mr. Montgomery who spoke very highly of you and your work.

  3. it's interesting how many of us are always trying to loosen up more. I get it. Love these. Love the colors and also always impressed/intrigued by the patterns.


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