Friday, December 28, 2012

Art Studio of Diane Hoeptner then and now

I stumbled across an old picture of my studio.  It has really changed!  Today I took Alyson Stanfield's advice and tidied up. It won't stay this clean for long so I'm attaching pictures for your entertainment.  (Old pics are on the bottom)  Changes include the addition of a few pces of furniture and a better sound system. Funny how one grows into whatever space is inhabited.  We live in a duplex and this room is the upstairs kitchen.  Best studio I've ever had!  Now if my Husband will just let me convert the livingroom into a frame & shipping room, I'll be all set, kidding!  (: (Click picture to see bigger.)


  1. Happy Holidays Diane!

    How lucky to have a working sink in your studio and your tubs of paint, I love it!


  2. I have half of the mother in law suite on our thrid floor as a studio , the other half is devoted to family storage ....and I concur.

    Working sinks is tops!

    The neatness, temporary or not, has inspire me! I gotta clean.

    Great to see your studio

  3. Its not nice to be jealous...but wow!!!! Looking forward to seeing your work in 2013!!!! Happy and Healthy New Year!!!

  4. Very nice! I cleaned up and reorganized my studio too thanks to Alyson Stanfield's Get Organized class!
    Then I invited a couple of painter-friends to join me for monthly master painting sessions with Todd Casey". of Grand Central Academy and Water Street Atelier. What a super opportunity!!!

  5. It looks wonderful, and has inspired me to work on mine before classes start back up. Have a very Happy New Year!

  6. love this. I've been keeping photos too since I got my art desk last winter. I love all the space you have. Our goal is to have a dome just for our work shop studio. but that one will come after the bedroom dome. Love your art.
    I found you on Annie Strack's list.
    peace n abundance,


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