Monday, November 26, 2012

Pinwheel Whites white flower paintings WIP

Pinwheel Whites  works-in-progress
We had a metallic pinwheel once.  It was propped up in the back yard to catch the breeze.  The only problem with the pinwheel was the crazy reflections it spun around the kitchen.  ...little multi colored pinpoints of light that danced and flew everywhere.  It was not unlike a disco...  I kept mistaking the reflections for a vehicle arriving.   
After listening to me bellyache about it a few times my husband finally spray painted it black.  

While a black pinwheel was less than ideal, the problem was solved.  True story.  


  1. Lovely pinwheels. Though they are "in progress", I like the are vignettes at the moment... they remind me of a lovely William Morris design in a room with all the accompanying comforts, furnishings, lamps.. very nice feel.

    And, did your husband announce the spray painting, or just walk outside and spray away?

  2. Thank you so much, Jody! Love William Morris. Yeah, no proclamations... he did it without a word. It was a few days before I even realized (sweet relief) no more disco lights.

  3. how fun and beautiful. found your name on Annie Strack's list, pretty cool.
    peace n abundance,


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