Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pinwheel Whites pair of large floral paintings

Pinwheel Whites I & II  Oil on paper, each 21" x 7"  NFS
Very happy with these.  So much so, I may have to try a few more.  Maybe sunflowers next.


  1. These long florals are so nice! 21 x 7...what is your surface?

  2. gorgeous (though I'm not surprised!) I love how the decorative background is so subtly intertwined with the design of the flowers! I was wondering what kind of paper you're working on with oils- (that new stuff out, pre-gessoed for oils?) or do you have a preference of paper that you gesso yourself?

  3. I might be on the right track with the addition of a subtle pattern behind my "floaty florals." Thanks, Roxanne. I saw that new stuff, haven't tried it yet!! These are on 140LB cold pressed Arches Watercolor paper with three coats of gesso. It is nicely toothy, but not too much and very absorbant. (If you use use this paper, be sure to always tear it along a straight edge, never cut. It curls if you cut it!)


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