Thursday, September 6, 2012

Daffodils on Pattern original Hoeptner oil painting

Daffodils on Pattern  Oil on cradled wood  8" x 8"  SOLD
It's interesting to go back to painting flowers (which are very much in my comfort zone) after painting so many cats and critters.  These daffodils were a joy to paint.   I'm very happy this one!


  1. What a lovely painting - great choice for the background. It compliments without competing. It's like the bouquet is radiating warmth!

  2. Diane, I so want this, it's breathraking. I'm gonna go break open my piggy bank and hope you'll take a deposit while I raise the rest. Indigo

  3. Diane your painting is gorgeous! I always thought that too much of one colour isn't a good thing but you've made it work so well and it has a lovely effect!!

  4. This is great. The yellow on yellow is daring and works beautifully.


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