Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Deco Layla striped cat on art deco pattern

Deco Layla  Oil on cradled wood  10" x 10"  SOLD
It's another cat painting!  Snarky Layla on an art deco background. She's more difficult to paint than gray Coco cat.  But I think I did justice to her stripes and white chin this time around.  I'm hesitant to say my art block is over for fear of jinxing myself, but your comments on yesterday's post were greatly appreciated, thank you.


  1. This is beautiful. I love how the yellow diamonds frame her in an interesting way. Clearly, your painter's block was really short-lived.

    Honestly, I never even concern myself over bad painting days now; I've come to embrace the idea that they are a part of the process, probably necessary on some level, and only temporary. Also, they happen to everyone.

  2. Another gorgeous painting! The color combinations really work.
    I have a feeling Layla knows how beautiful she is!

    Remember: Even Olympic champions have bad days now and then. But that doesn't mean they lost their gift and talent. It means they are human.

  3. Hi Diane! As I just said on Facebook, there's some marvellous moody power here, a real "big cat" feel to this piece. Wonderful! Indigo =)

  4. I can never get tired of your cat portraits! This one is beautiful.!

  5. What an interesting cat and a wonderfully mysterious painting. Those markings make me think of the Cheshire Cat!

  6. I love this one...the background colors compliment the cat so beautifully! Just love it!


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