Monday, July 23, 2012

Smoke on Teal gray coco kitty on pattern painting

Smoke on Teal  Oil on cradled wood  10" x 10"  SOLD
It's Coco again, but he's called "Smoke" in this painting...  I think the color teal went out of vogue a while back, but I still like it very much...especially here as a background color with the earthy greens.  (This painting is way better in life, as per usual with dark paintings, they are very hard to photograph when still wet.)


  1. I like it very much, too, Diane.
    Your work always amazes and thrills me but some grab me like this one did. Such a strong design.

  2. A beautiful painting, Diane! I also love the beautiful design on the wall. Excellent piece.

  3. Love the light in this one! It all works so well together... the pattern, colors and soft kitty fur... really beautiful.


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