Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mull it Over Monday: on Sabbatical

I've written before about how I do art 24/7. Normally, it works out pretty good. I'm afraid the year's end has found me running a little ragged though... My original idea for Mull it Over Mondays was to write a bunch of them in advance, thus freeing up time to pursue other projects on Mondays. I didn't anticipate such wonderful feedback from fellow artists and collectors, not to mention a dramatic spike in my blog traffic on Mondays...
When my pre-written MiOMs ran out, I started writing them on weekends. Now, with Christmas right around the corner and weekend activities escalating, I'm afraid I have to take a little sabbatical on Mull it Over Mondays. Thank you everyone who commented and emailed me directly regarding MiOM topics-- Your observations are greatly appreciated and provided much food for thought on future mullings. I look forward to bringing this feature back in 2012. To read the Mull it Over Monday archives, click here.


  1. I'm Mulling It Over whether to let you off the hook.... KIDDING! Of course - December is 'all bets off' month, imho..... You go, girl... we'll wait!

  2. Hey, it's hard work to write something cohesive about topics not directly related to your painting on a regular basis! I have enjoyed reading your MiOM posts since I re-found your blog, and just now went back and read those I hadn't read before.

    Really great stuff, Diane. You take a break, and resume whenever you feel like it :)! I should add that they've also inspired me to start something similar on my blog.


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