Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mull it Over Monday: Not.

I'm afraid the only thing I mulled over this weekend was whether I should spring for a pair of blue Minnetonka mocassins.  We had a quick overnight in Berlin, Ohio:  Amish country.  Amish town closes down at 5pm on Saturdays and doesn't re-open until Monday.  We had a few hours to shop and eat.  We stayed at the Berlin Grande Hotel, a surprisingly contemporary hotel in the middle of rolling hills farm country.  I didn't have to mull over the mocassins too long as my dear Husband bought them for me.  (:  They are so comfortable, I'm sure I'll wear them out by the end of winter.  Mull it Over Mondays will resume next week. 


  1. I bet you love those moccs! How sweet of hubby.
    I love this picture- may I paint from it?

  2. Sally, I would be thrilled if you painted from this photo. Can send you a hi-res file tonight sometime. (: I took so many, maybe you want to see those too? The moccasins are awesome--I had to literally stop myself from wearing them into the studio this morning. I will NOT ruin them with paint drips!!

  3. It has been some time since I have been to Berlin...I love the country. And love the photo.

  4. Sometimes a weekend is meant for mulling over exactly what you did....(just plain fun stuff & no lofty thoughts!). Been trying to catch up on my "un-loftiest" thoughts lately myself! ;-)


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