Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Toy Talk II vintage mickey and donald

Toy Talk II  Oil on wood  6" x 6"  $95.  SOLD
Another try at vintage push puppet Mickey and wind up Donald Duck.  This time I tried to pay more attention to edges and background application.


  1. love Mickey and Donald!! Beautifully painted, Diane!!

  2. These Micky & Donald paintings are so fun, and really well-painted to boot :).

  3. These vintage toy paintings are so fabulous, Diane!!! I just love all of your work! This piece certainly has a ton of character! Can't help but fall in love with it!

  4. 'well, did you have a good time, Mickey?'
    'not bad, that's why i came again, to tell you what happened'
    'good, i'm listening!'


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