Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mull it Over Monday: A Brief Ramble on the Subject of Blog Comments

This painting received many comments, cluing me in that
maybe I had actually painted something half way decent.
American Greetings bought the rights to use it on greeting cards 
and it is one of my all time personal favorites!  SOLD
Like most artists, I am prone to the suggestive influence of visitor comments at the end of my blog posts.  I'm not presenting diamond encrusted skulls...  People generally don't take offense to flower paintings and kitty cats--comments tend to be astute and encouraging...  (:  One thing I noticed though, is that unless you are a Carol Marine or a Qiang-Huang--  receiving comments is not a given for every blog, no matter how good the art.   Most bloggers must actually leave comments on other blogs to receive comments.  Leaving comments for fellow artists is on my to-do list.  Not unlike doing housework (only more so.)  While I enjoy leaving comments purely out of admiration for the art----the first blogs I visit are the people who left comments on my blog.  It's important to return the visit and say something constructive back!  Did you know that when a blog post receives multiple comments, Google places it higher up in searches?
Another perk to leaving comments is an increase in your own traffic. I know one blogger who leaves outrageously sweet, enthusiastic and sometimes very funny comments.  She's playing it smart, her comments pique the interest of everyone who then visit her blog.  She's has hundreds of adoring followers and her art is getting proper attention too.  Just a little food for thought on comments.  Comments?


  1. This painting is also one of my favorites, Di.

    I've been incredibly busy with the kids' school and band activities...and, of course, work stuff. I admire your consistent blogging, and hope that I can blog more, too. By the time I get to blogging, sometimes I find my brain is too tired for me to pull out anything that may be interesting.

    Okay now, come to my blog and comment. ;-)

  2. Diane, I always appreciate your comments & thoughts! I'm especially enjoying the 'mull-it-over' it's been giving me some insights into my own painting/thinking. I feel like I had been a very steady blogger/painter/writer for years...and somehow this summer have been 'giving myself some time to re-fill the well'....and taking some introspective time to think about where to go from here? Re-setting goals perhaps, re-evaluating the whole thought process. While I doubt I'll throw out the 'baby with the bath water', I think I needed this time to re-commit to the things I love and ditch the things I did not, try some new out of the box things....well, I guess you know what I'm talking about, I have a feeling as artists, we all go through that struggle from time to time.

    I love this painting & can see why Am. Grtgs. would love it for a card as well!

  3. I used to spend most of my time looking at others' blogs and commenting. And, yes, I got a lot of comments back. But I questioned that use of time. How valuable is 'nice painting' when is is only an automatic response to your 'lovely painting'! I may only get a few comments now, but they are from people who I know are genuinely interested in my work, and whose opinion I value.
    One thing I notice about the likes of the very popular artists is that they don't reply individually to comments, how can they, not enough time in the day!

  4. Your floral paintings are some of my favorites. I am a regular viewer and appreciate your art work and your interesting blogging comments. My work has been mostly floral, but I like all subjects and have done some very interesting projects. I work full time at "other" work and find that takes away from art time and also keeping up with my own blog. Increasing my posting and developing a following is a goal for this year. Well it is Oct., so the developing part will be into 2012 year.

  5. I look forward to comments, both receiving and giving. I admit I go through stages, sometimes leaving lots of comments so that I'll get more back and other times just out there looking.

  6. Thanks Pat & Roxanne! Sharon, thanks for commenting. Call me crazy, but I'd prefer the generic "nice painting" over no comment at all. I really admire artists like C.Marine and Q.Huang who are able to juggle so MANY art related (and other) activities, plus regular blogging. Their "output" of sharing their knowledge and art is so amazing, I too am not surprised if they place a lower priority on responding to comments.

  7. Thanks Sherry and Pam! Yep, I think getting and making blog comments is part of the fun--But like with everything it can quickly become a time suck if you don't prioritize! Pam, me too! (and you always leave meaningful comments) When I comment on other's blogs I have to start with an end number, like 20 or 40 comments as my GOAL--and if I'm not keeping track, I can easily spend two hours LOOKING, evaluating and "surfing." It feels like work and if I don't keep a "tab" I might only actually leave 5 or 6 constructive comments--which is not ideal!

  8. Oh the blog comment! I love em. I do, I admit it. I think the key thing for us (and by that I mean me) to remember about commenting is that it's not just to get a comment back (although that is, ahem, awesome) to boost our numbers, it's to build relationships. I think that's the whole purpose of blogging, that's why we write something, to connect with other people. If we didn't want to do that we'd just have a website. Which would be kind of lame.

    P.S. I love mull it over Mondays. :)

    P.P.S. Nice painting. ;) (Oh come on, you know I had to!) Seriously though it is beautiful, lush brushstrokes and rich color. *Sigh* Really beautiful work.

    P.P.P.S. You have now piqued my curiosity sufficiently. Who is this mysterious blogger you speak of that leaves such awesome comments?

    P.P.P.P.S. I shall now wait for your cmment on my blog. :) Your secret is out!! Mwahaha!

  9. Love this sweet painting and I always love your Mull It Over Mondays. Very insightful and what you say is very true. Before I ever started blogging, I had the good fortune to read Tara Frey's "Blogging for Bliss." She would enthusiastically endorse your position on the subject of blog comments.

  10. What a great post! Diane I love your work, and I also think you are one of the best bloggers out there - this makes me wonder how many folks read blogs without ever commenting. I find that when I post something deeply important or personal in my life, such as about a loved one or an illness, the comments do increase. I think in reality people come to our blogs for art, but they stay because they like and care for the person behind the art. Thank you for sharing your journey and your beautiful art with us! hugs to you and the kitties from me and the pugs!

  11. This is a beautiful painting, Diane! I love all of your work. I really enjoyed your post about comments. I love to get comments from people and love to leave them on others' blogs, too. It reminds me of being in an art class where, during the break, everyone goes around and looks at each others' work and says nice things about it :) It's just fun!

  12. You have such a wonderful style. Your colors are crisp and your style is painterly, which I love. I agree with your comment comment, hehe. I love getting comments and I tell people that start new blogs that you need to network now, get out there and visit other blogs and comment. Comments matter a lot to me, just the fact that someone took the time.

  13. This is definitely an all time favorite painting that you've done. It has all the elements, just gorgeous! I love your "Mull It Over Mondays". I look forward to it each week. Your blog inspired me to look mine and start some new features, keep it fresh! And I love my blogger comments, it has literally kept me going a lot of the time and I soooo value my relationships that have resulted. Keep it up Diane you're fabulous:)

  14. Diane, I love your painting and your mull it over Monday posts! I know my blogging is what keeps me painting. Just noticed recently a blogger friend had not posted in a while and asked if she was ok to find she had been very ill. She is such an inspiration and one of the first to leave comments and encourage me on my blog. It is very nice that we can also all be a personal support in times of need.

  15. I'm just here for the mullets and comb-overs. Your luscious paintings are a bonus. It may be possible that I comment less since using a newsfeed for the blogs I read. Also, my general activity in bloglandia waxes and wanes. But I have a great appreciation for the awesome people I encounter, and the comment section is a big part of that. I do need to make a better effort to let you all know I'm out here, being your biggest fan.

    Diane, I took my daughter to portfolio day at Cleveland Inst of Art yesterday. We didn't have a chance for the Art Walk, but Mia Bella was delizioso. Any thoughts on CIA?

  16. Crystal: Thanks for your very sweet comments!
    Kristeena: LOL, I love it when experts agree with me, it happens so rarely! (: I'm gonna check out "Blogging for Bliss" for sure.
    Nancy: Thank you so much!! You already know I'm a giant fan of your beautiful work and hearing from you means so much! What you said about a human connection is really true.
    Theresa, Barbara, Carrie & Carol: Thank you so much for your input. We are so lucky to have each other for support!!
    Dar: I am not nearly as plugged into the CLEVE scene as I probably should be, can't offer an opinion on CIA--good luck to your daughter!(: Glad you enjoyed Mia Bella's.

  17. How could I NOT leave a comment on this one?

    I always enjoy getting the email version of your blog posts and I love your work. I find it fascinating in it's simplicity. Very refreshing and full of life.

    Thanks for posting and I will take more care to comment more often.

    By the way, the cat series is wonderful! I've never even attempted to paint my cats even though they deserve it! I guess I'm afraid I don't have a small enough brush to paint their whiskers in my usual obsessive compulsive style!

    Thanks for sharing your art with the rest of us.

    I promise to post some new art soon... as soon as I return from my current slump!

  18. A very subtle beauty to this painting. I wonder what words the company will use on the card.

  19. Just had to leave my comment! LOL.

    I started visiting art blogs over five years ago, long before I started my own blog. I loved looking at the wonderful works that people create. I timidly began leaving comments. Over time I have learned to just be myself and say what the art makes me feel.

    By reading artists' blogs over the years, I feel I have gotten to know their personalities...some thoughtful and serious, others playful, outgoing and funny. I have some of my favorite artists and some of my favorite people (not necessarily the same).

    When I decided to try to learn to paint, I started my own blog. I was astonished when some of those people I most admired would take the time to leave a comment.
    I love to get comments (who doesn't?) but that was never my purpose. It just gives me joy to sit down in the morning with my mug of tea and view the art. So I tell people!

  20. The sisterhood of blogging - well, there are a few guys here and there, so we'll include them too. So cool Diane! A great reminder.

  21. Smiling here. You have some great comments to "mull." Very good points. And, of course, I do love seeing your paintings, love the cats!


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