Thursday, September 29, 2011

Gray on Yellow small original oil painting cat

Gray on Yellow Oil on wood 6" x 6" SOLD
My husband and I visited homeless animals at the APL last night.   We spent time playing with the cats...and then walked through the dog kennels.  Besides childhood pets-- I've never owned a dog and I forget how responsive they can be.  It was heartbreaking to see those sweet souls waiting for a little attention.  I wish I could have taken one home...


  1. What a sweet look the kitty has! Wonderful painting.

    That is why my husband won't let me visit animal shelters anymore....I can't leave without bringing one home ;-)

  2. i can't enough of this series! this is just stunning.

    i can't even discuss shelters. you are so brave even going.

  3. I thought this was a photo at first, Diane.! Excellent portrait of this beautiful cat. A few years back, I lost my dog to diabetes. I gave her 2 shots a day...since then I'm afraid to get a dog I won't go into a shelter because I "really" don't trust myself...

  4. What a beautiful portrait! The eyes are so striking!


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