Monday, August 8, 2011

Mull it Over Monday: Painting = Cat's Meow

My Coco:  Days after being the first singled
out of a litter in a San Pedro, CA Shelter.
Anything that isn't painting feels like filler. Ok, maybe that's a little drastic but consider the following: Like most professional artists I find myself doing a lot of art hustling. Activities like introducing my art to people, making newsletters and correspondence takes much time. Researching venues in which to sell my art, following up on inquiries and getting the art in front of people...the promotion side is necessary and it still feels like a mystery:  I'm learning it as I go.  I posted a couple weeks ago about "trying stuff." Most of my art hustling is exactly that: trying stuff. The results of such activities vary. Mostly it feels hit or miss. (...and God help me but sometimes I wonder why I didn't just major in marketing instead of studio art in college? Not really! Kidding! That's crazy right?!)  Actually, it's amazing how my art degree included all things art including art history except how to sell it, but I digress.) The point is, I'm not a horn tooter.  It doesn't come natural to me and I'm never sure if what I'm doing is working! I'd rather be in the studio. (If you are an artist, this book by Alyson B. Stanfield should be required reading!)
If you have three minutes,
check out this really funny
video on Youtube.

Gimme a few un-interrupted hours with my paint and some good music, please. That to me is living...and the best part is I have something to show for it when the day is done. A painting can be held in the hands. It can be used as a gauge by which to judge if progress is being made. ...and if it's really good, well if it's really good then that's the cat's meow. It's a real thing and it NEVER feels like filler.


  1. I came to that same realization recently that half my time is spent doing the marketing thing. Good post. Cute kitten!

  2. Diane...just spent some time going through your last posts...really enjoyed them. Thanks for sharing all your tweaking and tid bits! The sunflowers was the best turn around. well done!...oh, regarding the "work clothes" versus " "nice clothes"..I too, like Carrie, am a in theory no issue there...but I really paint with abandon...splash here, spray there, drippings etc, ...all my clothes have little dots...especially in the belly region. :)

  3. Great post (and cute cat, too ;-)! I am also finding the marketing part difficult and time consuming.....

  4. Very good! I don't do enough marketing of my work and now I don't feel like I'm missing much, I'll stay in the studio.

  5. You are voicing my exact feelings!!! How I sometimes slink about house and garden in order not to be seen by friendly people who would love to pop in! Peace and time to work is foremost, and I promise you, works are piling up and piling up with nowhere to go.

  6. I couldn't agree with you more about art marketing. And after paying out the whazoo for my son's expensive art education, there was not one class on how to market yourself as an artist. I really, seriously think art schools should require and offer some basic business and marketing classes as part of an art degree.

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