Monday, August 29, 2011

Mull it Over Monday: Blogging is good: Part I

Final Pink, sold
I'm a bit of a shut in--not quite a hermit but definitely an introvert.  It's one of the reasons I don't teach workshops.  Dealing with more than a few people at a time makes me anxious and tired. Blogging for someone like myself is nothing short of a lifeline.  It allows me to share what I do and gratefully receive feedback.  If it wasn't for this blog and the fellowship I've formed with like minded artists and collectors, I'm not sure if I would have stayed the course, learning to paint (again) in my 40's.    It began as an experiment, just to see my own progress...  It has become so much more.  My inspiration, ideas, failures and all associated energy: neat & tidy and shared over time.  Discovering and joining the daily painting movement made it even sweeter. 
Colin Farrell sports a fantastic
comb over in Bad Bosses.  He's almost
Actually, this blog has provided more opportunities than any other single thing I've done.  I usually get philosophic about blogging when I do a give-away--but today it's because I realized my art and my focus is changing.  There's a three page manifesto that sits on my desk outlining the changes, but I wanted to express this part of my plan today, the blog stays! Part II of related blathering in next week's Mull it Over Monday--  Do you blog your art?  Why?  Better question:  What do you treasure most about your art blog?


  1. Hi Diane, First off, I absolutely love this painting. You've captured Colin Farrell perfectly (kidding). This floral painting is one of my favorites of yours, I think it's the soft colors in the flowers and in the glass that make it sing. It's delicate and beautiful!

    And onto the blog talk, I have to say that blogging has been one of the most important things I have done in my life. My husband is in the military and we move all of the time (every 2-3 yrs). So every 2-3yrs, I'm starting over, finding friends, houses, doctors, schools, etc. Blogging allows me to take my friends with me, and it is a constant stable part of my life. It also gave me my passion back, after having children and staying home with them you can feel drained of yourself, so blogging which is my main motivation to paint and holds me accountable to deadlines has been my life line. I have come to look forward each post to hearing from my blogging buddies. It's such a wonderful support group. I can't say enough great things about my blogging experience (can you tell, I think I just wrote you a novel):)

    Can't wait for your manifesto to unfold:)

  2. Beautiful painting! Lyrical, strong yet delicate, as your other paintings always are. I really enjoy your thoughtful blog and as an introvert also, share your rationale . . . can't grow in a vacuum and in making paintings, the process isn't complete until they're seen. I do have a question regarding venues: many bloggers seem to choose the art fair route or (non-gallery venues) rather than being represented by galleries and I wonder if that's an intentional plan and if you think it's more effective than gallery representation? Do you also have gallery representation?

  3. Wow, Diane! Love your painting ~ as always! And your post is so thoughtful. I began blogging for the discipline and to have a record of my art journey. It has provided SO much more! The friendships that have formed, the learning experiences that I have gained from other artists, the comments (which I love!), sharing in the experiences of other bloggers, the inspiration of artists, and on and on. Blogging continues to be a wonderful experience!

    Looking forward to seeing more of your manifesto!

  4. Your painting is beautiful and I always enjoy your blog. I agree with everything that has already been said and think that is why we all do blog- the connection and friendships that you make along the way. I started my blog way early as a brand new artist at the encouragement of Karin Jurick. Have tried to make it a journal of my journey and pass on and teach as I learn it. I always appreciate the blogs that show what the artist learned or why they did something. Art and blogging have been a godsend to me as I now enter into full time caretaking of my Mom and Mother in law. Feel lucky to be a part of such a wonderful world.

  5. Yes! Thanks for commenting Carrie, Linda and Kathy. Carrie, I can totally see how blogging keeps you grounded with all the moving... (I laughed when I read your comment about Colin Farell) Kathy and Linda: I've enjoyed watching your blogs SO much, you've both come so far since you started!! Lorraine: The best perk to art fairs is you get to keep most of what you make after expenses as opposed to giving 40-50% to a gallery. However, I've done a few art fairs and they are a LOT of hard work! Schlepping your art, tent, supplies, setting up a display and schmoozing with people can be exhausting. ...and like any other venue (like galleries) there are good fairs and bad! Depending on where you live, the weather can be a huge factor too...I never noticed that art bloggers had a higher concentration of art fair participants. ?? I've shown at several Cleveland area galleries with mixed results. I recently got into Lark & Key in North Carolina and so far I'm very happy with them. I don't want to rule out art fairs though, as long as they are indoor events. I had a booth get rained out once (really bad)--and since then I definitely lost interest in selling outside.

  6. Well....I originally decided to visit your blog because I saw this gorgeous painting. Love your brushwork, beautiful lighting, and wonderful set ups.
    So interesting to read your comments and others on blogging. I love being around other people but am happy as a clam being by myself painting. For days. I think blogging is wonderful because of the feedback on your art and the contacts and friends you make. It is a bit time consuming some days. I like to comment and encourage others because I know how much it means to me.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. You are a beautiful artist in every way.

  7. I blog for most of the same reasons outlined here. I am an introvert. Social settings make me uncomfortable. We also move every few years, for career reasons, since I am not a full-time painter. Blogging also allows me to make 'virtual' friends and stay in contact with them wherever I am. I have also learned a great deal from other bloggers. It allows me to share my work with the world and gives me a reason to do so. I joined as a general member three months ago for additional incentive. This was one of my goals for 2011. I don't have gallery representation and that probably won't happen till I retire and pursue this avocation full-time. Any and all sales will be made online till then.

  8. Love the painting, and what do I treasure most? I'm not good at the one thing pinpoint. I treasure the friendships I've made worldwide -- which are real. I treasure the opportunity to show my work to the world. And I treasure the chance to write about how I'm thinking about art and life. I think blogging is a kind of miracle.

    XO Barbara


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