Sunday, July 24, 2011

Three Pears still life painting

Three Pears   oil on gallery wrapped canvas  16" x 20"
The electricity on our street went out for almost 12 hours recently--I rushed various frozen meats and refrigerated items to my husband's job for storage in the fridge there...  and promptly abandoned my studio for the day.  No AC is a no-go for me here.  It's been dreadfully hot and humid.  After the un-intended break, I finished this 16x20...


  1. Now, I normally don't go for fruit paintings (just my personal preference, not a thing to do with your excellent talent), but, saying that, I DO like this one very much. I love the depth that you've captured here with the shadows!

    Also, the colors are amazing together -- particularly in those cherries. You're making me hungry for cherries.... And the background? Amazing.

  2. It's beautiful Diane! Love that patterned fabric in the background. so glad you were able to save all of your food. Hope you have a cool day:)

  3. Your background is amazing. Many people would be satisfied with doing a great job on the fruit, but you really went all out.

  4. really love the harmony between the background fabric and the pears/cherries. Also, I'm looking forward to Mull it over Mondays:) I'm enjoying your posts Diane.

  5. You know, even Bono joked around about his former mullet at the concert Tuesday. :-b

    I do believe you will have to call your installments Mullet Over Mondays. The icon? A poor chap with mullet AND comb-over. Impossible? I challenge you.....


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