Monday, July 25, 2011

Mull it Over Mondays: An Introduction

Can you believe it's the end of July already?  The painting
above was painted in July of 2008.  I was still re-learning
oil paints, after many years away!  Heehee, I joked about
my nephew's "club hands." 
I've complained in the past about how difficult it is for me to string sentences together after several hours studio time.  It's not so much a lack of things to say as it is a lack of time to write things properly...   A painting a day with a bit of text is good, but there is a better way to share more and give a fuller picture!  Next Monday will be the first installment of a new feature here called Mull it Over Mondays 

Seize the day!  The only time
I'll ever have an excuse to
post a picture of David
Spade on this blog!
Not to be confused with hairstyles like the mullet or the comb over--  Mull it Over Mondays will be my chance to blather about art related subjects.   I will talk about the virtues of a day in the studio, thinking less/painting more and how artists tap into joy.  Other subjects will include painting clothes, how I learned to appreciate art by selling antiques on Ebay and my policy on blog comments.  I've made enough mistakes as an artist to figure a few things out.  I hope Mull it Over Mondays will allow me to pass on some of my hard earned lessons in a way that is not only informational, but entertaining for the general reader.   Look for the first installment of Mull it Over Monday, next Monday! 


  1. I will definitely look forward to Mulling It Over with you! but really, David Spade in a mullet is good enough for me!!!! Something to look forward to on Mondays! YAY!

  2. Mullets and Mondays - love it! Always love learning from others, so this is something I could really use Diane. Maybe I should cut my hair for the occasion?

  3. Great idea, can't wait to mull it over with fellow artist.
    I have a great mullet photo of my husband on our wedding day — I would love to share. LOL- Great memories.

  4. I like this idea of "mull it over- Mondays"....and had a good laugh over the David Spade mullet pic! Thanks for the grin!

  5. I look forward to your Mondays and hope on these days you post more great hair-do photos!

  6. I never had a Mullet but I did have a 2 ft. pony tail.Look forward to Monday.

  7. LOL: Thanks for the ever-thoughtful comments Kelley, Susan, Carol, Roxanne, Pam and David. It's clear there IS a LOT of interest in the mullet haircut which begs further exploration. Note to self: come up with more pictorial samples in future Mull it Over Monday posts. (:

  8. Mullet over Mondays -- love it! Looking forward to reading your posts. :^)


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