Monday, July 18, 2011

Clementine Tulips reworking a still life painting

AFTER:  Clementine Tulips  Oil on wood  8" x 8" 

In addition to getting a couple scratches that needed fixed, Clementine Tulips needed more balanced colors!  It was too hot, hot, hot.  I like this improved version ...and may have to paint it again bigger next time around.


  1. Really like them both BUT can see where the new version is a bit more grounded with the blue to settle it. Also like the POP it gives to the oranges and reds! You have an amazing eye for composition and color!

  2. Beautiful job. You have a lovely technique.
    I'll be back to see what you're painting.

    I did go through your blog and found some landscapes and figurative paintings. Those are really impressive.

  3. What a difference colors can make!
    I love the improved version Diane, but do love color.

  4. I love both versions . . . love the colors and placement.
    Both are beautiful!

  5. Oh are truly the Queen of color and composition my friend. Now the tulips and oranges pop - oh I see Kathy has already said that. Hey, I'm repeating everything Kathy said, so never you mind! Just an admirer here...

  6. The blue really made it come alive! Fantastic! Love all your work :)

  7. What a difference it makes to rework them. I like the thought. You are the master at the floral still life Diane...all are beautiful!

  8. i really like the rework of this painting Diane. harmonious tones all uniting is easier on the eyes.


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