Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hydrangeas and Fruit floral still life painting

Hydrangeas and Fruit  Oil on wood  11" x 14"
One of my favorites!  This time I painted it a bit bigger. 
Did you know that collectors of my art receive freebies in the mail every now and then?  Last year I mailed out 2011 desktop calendars featuring my floral still life paintings.  I'll probably do it again this year.  Anywho, a special message to new collectors who purchased painting(s) at my Cleveland Botanical Garden Guren Gallery exhibit:  I have your name but not your address.  If you happen to read this, do get in touch.  I'll add you to my A list--and you too will receive fun freebies in the mail!


  1. Beautiful painting, Diane. I love the hydrangeas. I'm working on a painting of hydrangeas, but mine look fussy. Yours are loose and gorgeous.

  2. just beautiful diane!! i especially LOVE the tablecloth print treatment, so amazing!!

  3. This is beautiful and I like the size. I covet that GORGEOUS pink vase! Wow, it's about the most beautiful vase I've ever seen, wonderful job!!!

  4. Lovely painting, like Suzanne, I LOVE the tablecloth, it draws me right in! Someday, I'll be a collector! :D

  5. Gorgeous! The colors are so the gold effect on the tablecloth. Stunning vase! Love this! Love this!!


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