Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Guard Cat oil painting Diane Hoeptner

Guard Cat  Oil on wood  14" x 11"
Our cats Coco and Layla have abandoned sleeping in the bedroom at night.  Instead they patrol the sliding glass doors that go to the backyard.  They've lead sheltered mostly indoor lives.  Since the weather got warm, they spend much time waiting for (wild) neighborhood cats who visit.  Upon sighting them--Coco's been known to throw a hissy fit, ruffling the curtains and generally getting very bent out of shape.  Layla remains calm but she's rapt with attention.   They never miss a visit.


  1. Love the painting....and the post. I can just see your cats and their busy at work- gotta focus attitude. Makes me miss my Maggie, bichon...Little animals are just the best:)

  2. This is lovely, as with all your florals. I like the silhouette of the guard cat, it adds such a fun story to it.

  3. Wonderful blues in that iris! Such lush and luscious paint!

    Love the story about the cats. The visit is probably the highlight of their day!

  4. Really like the gerbera laying down on the table.


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