Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Duck Under wind up Donald Duck

Duck Under   Oil on wood  8" x 8" 

Wind up this vintage Donald Duck toy and he vibrates and spins in place--fun right?  He could easily steal the show but placed in the shadows here, he makes a nice counterpoint to the ever elegant calla lilies. 

More calla lilies and sunflowers coming up later this week. 


  1. these lilies are sooo beautiful! (and the duck is a clever counterpoint - esp. with his colors)...love the play on words with the title, too!

  2. Very beautiful Diane! Fantastic painting!

  3. Love this! I agree with Roxanne in loving the calla lilies. Thanks for that tip about putting a vibrant an interesting object in the background to keep the focus on the blooms.

  4. Love Donald in the shadows! And the lilies are gorgeous! Love your sense of whimsey in your painting and title.


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