Monday, May 2, 2011

Tulips on Blue red tulips oil painting

Tulips on Blue  Oil on wood  8" x 8"  SOLD
Click image to enlarge.
I'm gonna keep painting the 8x8s for now, later will assess which ones are worthwhile candidates for being painted bigger.  This painting will probably make the cut, it has a fresh quality and spontaneous (looking!) brushwork that I like.  Also, I know I can bring out more details in the foreground tulip petals--with a bit more space.


  1. Beautiful. I love this interesting composition choice. It fits your concept perfectly

  2. It's difficult to paint a rich, deep, saturated red like that yet for it to harmonise totally with a paler background - but you did it Diane! A great painting.

  3. Excellent work. Colors just jump out at you.

  4. Your vibrant color combinations are uplifting, Diane! Also, you have an uncanny way of building forms that are so dimensional they almost feel sculptural.


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