Friday, May 13, 2011

SOLD! the Lilac Police & Vincenza Harrity!

The Cleveland Botanical Garden Guren Gallery is selling a lot of my paintings.  I'd be lying if I said it wasn't a bit of a surprise.  The gallery itself is not attended.  I had hung signs indicating purchases could be made downstairs in the gift shop and hoped for the best.   My Husband and I brought his Mom to see the exhibit this afternoon...  It's so awesome to see those little red dots, see two above!!  Big thanks to Kate and Jeff for all their hard work.       
I don't dine and dash (at least not in the last twenty five years, heh)  but this afternoon I clipped some lilacs growing in an abandoned commercial lot.... and fled as if on fire.  I didn't really plan what to put them in once I got back to the car but we had a pop bottle and my husband suggested we put water from nearby Lake Erie in it.  Voila!  Can't wait to paint these, I just hope the lilac police didn't follow us. 
In other news, my dear friend Vinnie Harrity is doing some amazing landscape paintings and you should check out her blog.  I met Vinnie at the Utrecht "Your Work" show--where we both received honorable mentions, she is really talented. 
Have a great weekend everybody!!


  1. Congrats on the sales Diane - these are so beautiful.
    I'm looking forward to your lilac painting soon- I'm really missing the huge lilac bushes we had at our last house...(wonder if the lilac police would notice if I snagged a few blossoms somewhere???) ;-)

  2. Well, it's no wonder the paintings sold - they are both lovely. And those lilacs - well, I just wish the scent came through the monitor because I so love that flower. Can't wait to see your painting of them. Congrats on your sales!

  3. Congratulations on the sales! Both are beautiful, although my favie is the tulips with the duck! I can hardly wait to see what you do with the lilacs.

  4. It is wonderful that your painting will bring joy to others. congratualtions on your sales. You needn't be surprised, they are beautiful.

    Loving the lilacs in your lap on the run. Cute story.

  5. Both paintings are beautiful. It isn't a surprise that they sold. I think offering your paintings in a gift shop at a Botanical Garden is a natural setting. You've pre-screened your potential buyers. Congratulations and good luck with future sales!


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