Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hydrangeas with Pears floral still life oil painting

Hydrangeas with Pears  Oil on wood  8" x 10"  NFS
Sometimes things work out exactly like they are supposed to.   Remember my recent blogiversary painting give away??  Well, the winner never claimed the painting, never even wrote me back!  So a few days ago I pulled another name.  This time around I heard back in less than twelve hours.  The newly picked winner, Teri Robus was thrilled.  She said she loved my paintings, it was "amazing" and it was the perfect "graduation present."  Teri had just the day before collected her BA in Art from the University of Alaska-Southeast.  This after receiving a BS in Biology, 36 years earlier!!!   I can't imagine the determination that sort of endeavor would require--but I thought it was so cool and wanted to share.  I'm so glad to give Earth Harvest to Teri.  Please visit her art blog here.  Her collection of inspirational quotations alone is worth the visit!  Congratulations Teri, your future is looking bright!


  1. Absolutely stunning painting Diane! I love that pink vase and that hint of a pattern on the tablecloth. Wish I could paint flowers like you can!

  2. Thank you so much for such kind comments. I am still pinching myself about your Earth Harvest painting as a perfect graduation gift!


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