Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Moonlit Irises I painting of irises

Moonlit Irises I   Oil on wood  12" x 12"  NFS ('til tomorrow)
Click image to enlarge.  Diane@DianeHoeptner.com
This is part of a two part suite, will post the companion piece tomorrow.  In other news:  It was 80 degrees on Sunday and today the temps dropped back down to the 40's!!  I had to run the little electric space heater in my studio this afternoon, yuck!!  I wish Spring would get here already. 


  1. You do this so well! Love the blues with the touch of yellow!

  2. Love the vibrancy of your irises!

  3. your color pairings always please, another beautiful piece. i don't like the transition between winter and spring, i agree. spring...now!


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