Thursday, April 14, 2011

Irises on Clay I & II

Irises on Clay I & II  Oil on wood  each 12" x 12"  NFS
Click image to enlarge.
Here's the Irises again, this time around I added a neutral clay background and used a smaller brush.  Upping incremental values more dramatically made for more interesting brushwork on this set!


  1. Lovely, Diane....for a moment I thought you had gone around the table and painted the same flowers from the other side. :)

  2. Hi Diane!

    There's something about Irises that draw me in. Beautiful work; they have a wonderful flow and quality to them.

    ~ Kathleen Krucoff

  3. très beau et.. en plus personnalisé!

  4. These are gorgeous. I like that you have more variation in your color . . . the clay color, the green and the purple all go beautifully together. Wonderful!!


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