Thursday, February 24, 2011

Daffodil Trio fixing, editing a painting

Well, don't cha know some paintings require a bit of noodling...  The first time painting Daffodil Trio, I painted all the daffodils equally.  Each had a graphic punch that is ok but not exactly what I was going for.  When I re-worked it, I tried to make the back daffodil stay back a little better...   Getting a good focal point and a sense of depth can be a challenge--  these are issues I continue to explore!


  1. Now those are some stunning daffodils. Man, you can paint some good flowers! Love these- so fresh and the petals are wonderful. Love the way you painted the middle part- I did not know how to tackle that and you did 2 of them outstanding (third one is backwards) I like seeing what you did with editing...
    Love daffodils and love this!

  2. Good choice, Diane. The second version is much more effective! I continue to read your blog and enjoy your work!

  3. Lovely, Diane......I envy those who can paint flowers. They are just not my forte'.

  4. Thanks for sharing! Even that little tweak makes a difference. Something a true master is able to realize while others [like me] would continue to scratch his/her head wondering why it doesn't work.


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