Thursday, November 11, 2010

Royal I & II white lily flower painting

Royal I & II  Acrylic & Oil on canvas   17" x 17"   NFS
Click image(s) to see bigger.
Here's the companion pce for the painting I posted yesterday.  The last time I made a concerted effort to use acrylics, I was painting poppies.  That was back in January.  Happily, those were recently published as posters.  I'm crazy about the mix of fast drying acrylics with buttery oils on top.  There's definitely more exploration to be done here!


  1. Love both of these Lilies. The broad stripe is the perfect background. Love the stenciled look of the Fleur de Lis and the way it mimics the shape of the Lily. Really beautiful work!

  2. Beautiful paintings! White flowers are not easy to do, but yours are perfect! I agree with you about how great it is to use oils over acrylics . . . the best of both worlds!

  3. Diane your patterned backgrounds are great!

    Gwen Bell frequently uses patterned drapings with her cup art. Yours is so reminiscent to lovely, ornate wallpaper, which is quite a different effect.

    Very regal!

  4. These flowers are all so unique. I mean, flowers have been painted and painted, but you've done something different and new.


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