Monday, November 8, 2010

The Mouse Project

3 bronze mice, 22 artists, 47 paintings: All in a book to benefit animal shelters. Bronze sculptor Steve Worthington collected paintings by a select group of painters, he then assembled them in a book, available for purchase on, here. -- Hopefully, the book will raise tons of $$ for our furry companions in shelters!!  I feel so fortunate to be included in this worthwhile project.  Check out the video above, a quick shot of my painting can be seen at about :37 or :38 Yep, irises and mouse, Sprightly on the look out.  Great job Steve and thanks for all your hard work!


  1. Such fun to watch, I picked our your lovely piece. I remember Carol Marine talking about doing this too. Did he actually ship you the mice to use?

  2. What a completely cool project! Congrats on being part of it!

  3. Thanks all for stopping by! Barbara, yes Steve gave us a choice of which mouse (out of the three he made) we wanted to paint... Then once the paintings were completed we had the option to return the mouse or trade for the mouse with our painting. Of course, I traded. Now my (life size) Sprightly Mouse keeps a look out from my desk. (:


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