Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tangerine Medley

Tangerine Medley   Oil on wood   8" x 8"   SOLD
Click image to see bigger.
This painting, Tangerine Medley was one of the first times I combined fruit with flowers, I LOVE this painting. First time around, I posted a crappy photo of it.  Regular readers to this blog know I frequently vow to "re-photograph this when the paint dries."  It's a challenge!  Even with a photo tent dark paint doesn't photograph well, wet paint will show streaks & spots of white where the light hits the wet ridges-- Anyway, here's a new photo of Tangerine Medley.  I am thrilled with the quality and accuracy of this photo and of course now I'm tempted to grab a bunch more and re-photograph those too.  To see the original posting of this painting, click here.

My Sister and me at my opening at the Shoreby Club last Thursday.


  1. Much better photo. Always a challenge.

    Love this! The colors and your composition is great. I like how you handled the background. The blue reflection from the vase is just perfect as well as the highlights on the vase. Another good one!!

  2. P.S. Your sister is as cute as you are! Great photo!!

  3. This is a the blues in the vase with the oranges.

  4. I love the fruit with flowers and that blue bottle pops. It's wonderful.

  5. You really did a great job on this painting and the new photo shows the colors so nicely. Beautiful!


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