Monday, October 4, 2010

Shameless Self Promotion

Like most artists, I am forever sending paintings out to exhibits and other venues...and later receiving some or all back.  (Hopefully, not all every time right?)  These nine paintings recently came back to me and until they go out again, they are available directly from me.  Find a newly added Buy Now button on each! 

This batch includes an "Honorable Mention," a potential greeting card cover (image of painting sold to card company,) a $95 6"x8" painting and one of my ALL time personal favorites.  To see all nine, click here

In other news, I've added "testimonials" to this blog.  Reading what collectors have to say about their Diane Hoeptner paintings puts a smile in my heart. 

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  1. These are all gorgeous. I can't imaging it'll be long before they all find homes!

    I like how you've rearranged your blog pages - very nice.

  2. They are all beautiful paintings, I always love seeing your lovely flowers!

  3. They are lovely, Diane. Unfortunately, we do not deal in daily necessities when we paint, and selling will be slower. At my recent morning show I rather count the 9 sold than the 36 not sold, one needs to remain positive! Self-promotion is an absolute MUST. Put everything out there all the time!


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