Sunday, October 31, 2010

It's Halloween & a Winner has been selected!

Happy Halloween!  The winner of my painting give away is Jacki Newell.  Yay!!  Jacki is a talented painter, check out her daily blog and paintings:  here.  I'm thrilled to give Pear Boat to a fellow artist.  Congratulations, Jacki.

Thanks so much to everyone who subscribed for the give away and those of you who have been longtime subscribers too.  I have so much fun with these give aways-- and this won't be the last one.  As long as you are subscribed, you will always be entered to win!

In related news:  All those tidy little emails in a pottery jug, who can resist!  We picked five more.  Additional winners will receive a small original floral (or vintage Pinocchio) painting on canvas panel.  Congratulations!  (You've been notified via email!)

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  1. I just entered to receive blog updates. Late for this give away, but ready for the next one! :)

    Love your last post. The gold acrylic is amazing with your beautiful lillies. Beautiful!!


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